Solar Powered Plane Circumnavigates the Globe in 2016

We have finally been able to have a human circumnavigate the world in a solar powered plane. The technology has exploded and expanded in recent decades and innovations occur every day. This newest innovation was recreating the type of achievement of the pre 1930’s - circumnavigating the world via plane. Then, it was accomplished by the military and now by a long-range Swiss project, Solar Impulse.

The accomplishment this time has a very powerful undertone, and intention. This intention is highlighting the importance and effectiveness of clean energy sources bringing attention to the cause as a whole. With such a huge success, being the very first solar powered plane to circumnavigate the world, this goal has definitely been accomplished. The Solar Impulse has demonstrated just how powerful solar power can be, and how advanced it has become in our technological world.

Solar power has come a long way in effectiveness and efficiency and continues to improve. Whether it alone will be our energy alternative, or one of many, solar power will certainly play a huge part of our future on this planet. Amazingly, we can watch the process happen. As the world learns to not rely on non-renewable resources, the potential of solar energy will be even more obvious to all. Further improvement will push the technology even further, as we all learn to use more renewable sources of energy. 

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