Adorn your house with plants!

It is always better to have a little greenery where we live. And what better way to have it indoor than by having cute plants that offer various benefits such as air cleaning and gorgeous displays!

Mixed up pot
You can play a little by mixing flower plants of different color in a pot. Make sure that the plants you use grow up to same size, so that you can maintain them easily. 

You can have mini cacti that can provide a rustic yet great drop back for your home. They don’t need a lot of maintenance and look great in small pots. 

Orchids in Teapots
You can up the ante by planting orchid plants in old vintage teapots or even metal teapots that you no longer use. Assemble these teapots and place them as per your need. This bright foliage plant is the best way to add fragrance, clean air and beautify your home. 


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